Oracle | Primavera Risk: Pertmaster Edit Menu

The Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) edit menu contains options to undo and redo changes, manipulate column data, change activity links, create summary structure, bookmark activities, and search for activities.

Video Walkthrough of the Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Edit Menu (Duration: 4 min: 29 sec)

Edit Menu Item: Undo, Redo

This option allows users to undo or redo the last change made to the project schedule.  Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) allows for unlimited amount of steps backward or forward.  Additional memory can be allocated to the undo buffer via the Systems Options section under the Tools menu.  Editing the undo buffer is probably not necessary due to the large default setting.  A single step can reverse complex changes such as multiple cells that were pasted from excel simultaneously.

Edit Menu Item: Cut, Copy, Paste, Fill Down

The cut, copy, paste, and fill down options are in-line with the Microsoft Office Suite of products and the functionality is standard.  The cells in Pertmaster are similar to those in Excel.  Multiple cells, lines, or columns can be highlighted and manipulated at one time.

Edit Menu Item: Delete, Dissolve Task

Deleting an activity in Primavera Risk will remove the activity, all links, and resource assignments.  All records of the activity are removed.  Dissolving an activity will remove the activity and resource assignments, however the logic connected to the activity will be relinked to the keep the same chain of predecessors and successors.  For example if Activity A is linked finish-start to Activity B and Activity B is linked finish-start with Activity C, then Activity B can be dissolved and Activity A will be directly linked to Activity C with a finish-start link.

Edit Menu Item: Link Tasks…, Unlink Tasks, Split Task

In Pertmaster there are multiple ways to link tasks.  Two or more activities can be linked by highlighting the activities and selecting the Link Tasks… option.  Finish to Start, Start to Start, Finish to Finish, and Ladder logic can be selected.  If more than 2 activities are selected, then the entire chain will be linked from top to bottom based on the sort order.  Unlink Tasks will work in the opposite way.  Links will be removed to and from selected activities to other selected activities.  Links from a selected task to a task that has not been highlighted will not be removed.

Splitting an activity in Oracle | Primavera Risk is not the same as creating a suspend and resume data or creating an activity break.  Splitting an activity will turn a single activity into 2 activities that are linked finish-start.  The activities will take the original name of the activity and the tasks are labeled with a pt 1 and pt 2.  Once the activity is split, the two parts function like any other activity.  Users can manipulate both activities as they would any other activity.  By default the task duration is split exactly in half and the resource units are also split the same.

Edit Menu Item: Rename Task IDs…

Activity IDs can be changed across the entire project or in groups via the Rename Task IDs… option.  This option allows users to pick a name for the task and a number that will be added to the previous activity name.  For example if the initial risk name was ENG.10 for my engineering activities and the increment value was 10, then the activities would be renamed from top to bottom on the screen (ENG.10, ENG.20, ENG.30, etc.).

Edit Menu Item: Task > Edit Task Details, Promote & Demote Tasks, Expand & Contract Level

The Task section can be expanded and includes three sections.  The first section is Edit Task Details.  This button serves no real purpose.  The next section is for promoting and demoting tasks.  Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) functions very similarly to Microsoft Project to create a summary or breakdown structure.  In Primavera P6 the work breakdown structure, or WBS, is created in a separate section and acts more like a hierarchical folder system in Microsoft Windows.  Activities are put in the WBS elements like a container.  In Pertmaster the WBS is created by promoting and demoting tasks.  If two tasks are on the same level of the WBS hierarchy, then the second task can become a child of the first by demoting it.  It can once again be put on the same level by promoting it.

Edit Menu Item: Bookmarks > Toggle, Clear, and Filter Bookmarks

The Primavera Risk Gantt chart view has a column that appears on the far left side that appears to be used only for selecting rows and expanding & collapsing the work breakdown structure.  Bookmarking an activity will create a blue dot which will allow users to quickly find and skip to a desired activity.  Certain functions such as the schedule check will bookmark flaws so that users may quickly skip to flagged activities or filter to only show those activities.  Users can also clear all bookmarked activities by clicking the Clear All section.

Edit Menu Item: Find in Columns…, Go to Task…

Pertmaster has very similar functionality to Microsoft Office products for finding items in a cell.  Users can click the Find in Columns… option or they can also hit the CTRL-F hot key.  This will search for any activity that is visible in the columns.  Hidden columns or filtered activities will not be searched.

The Go to Task… option is one of the quickest ways to locate an activity.  Upon clicking Go to Task… a pop-up launches that has a search box.  Users are able to type in a search, apply a filter, sort activities, etc.  If the user knows any part of the risk description, then it is very easy to find a task regardless of the number of activities.  The search will find any part of the text string.  For example if the user types “al Comp,” then the Mechanical Complete milestone would be one of the items listed.

Edit Menu Item: List Pictures and Text Boxes…, Copy Gantt Chart Picture…

Users are able to add pictures and text boxes to the Primavera Risk Gantt chart.  The list function will create a log of all pictures and text boxes that have been added to the Gantt chart.  Items can be edited or deleted from the list view.  The Copy Gantt Chart Picture… allows one or multiple screens of the Gantt chart to be copied to the clipboard and pasted into Microsoft Office products or other similar tools.


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