Tracking Risk: Pertmaster Qualitative Risk Register Reports

The fifth step of a typical Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Monte Carlo analysis is to track, quantify, and link risk events to the project schedule for the Monte Carlo analysis.  Pertmaster allows a project manager to create pre-defined or customized reports based on the qualitative risk data being tracked.

Video Walkthrough of the Risk Register Reports in Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) (Duration: 5 min: 55 sec)

Risk Reports Overview

The built-in risk register reports are designed to be easy to use.

The risk matrix report (Menu Path – Reports | Risk Matrix) will show where the risk is on the probability and impact risk matrix.

The risk scoring system report (Menu Path – Reports | Risk Scoring) outlines the entire the scoring system that was setup previously.

The risk report manager (Menu Path – Reports | Report Manager) will allow users to setup a simple custom report:

  • After opening the report manager, click the New Report button.
  • Set a name to save the report.
  • The layout tab will allow users to pick between a standard or tabular layout.
  • The filter tab enables the project manager to create a filter.  For example, a risk analyst may only want to run a report on engineering risks.
  • The tabular fields allow users to choose which fields to show on a custom report.  Any field in the qualitative risk register can be shown.
  • Click build report when the report has been completed.