Tracking Risk: Pertmaster Qualitative Risk Register Mitigation Steps

The fifth step of a typical Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Monte Carlo analysis is to track, quantify, and link risk events to the project schedule for the Monte Carlo analysis.  Project teams needs to track not only the risk events, but the mitigation steps as well.

Video Walkthrough of the Qualitative Risk Register Mitigation Steps in Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) (Duration: 4 min: 12 sec)

Mitigation Tab Overview

The mitigation tab is located in the navigation pane of the risk register.  The post-mitigated position can also be scored in the main risk register section, however the steps cannot be detailed in the main risk register.

To track the mitigation steps:

  • Check use detailed actions box.
  • Mitigation steps can be added by manually typing the steps into the cells.
  • Enter the post-mitigated score per step.
  • The mitigation steps will allow risks analysts to generate a time-phased burn-down or waterfall chart of how the risk is being reduced based on each step (waterfall chart tab).
  • Entering a mitigation cost will allow the project manager or team to create a post-mitigated scenario when doing the Monte Carlo scenarios.
  • The “Task” column in the mitigation steps allows users to map to task in schedule.  Setting the mitigation to a task will to auto-populate the start and finish dates for the steps.  If the mitigations are already in the schedule, then the burn-down chart can be quickly made by mapping the mitigation steps.
  • Other mitigation step information can be entered based on what the project manager or the team would like to track.