Score Settings

The Score Settings page allows you to create score setting templates that can be applied to the selected project.  (Figure 1) User can create different score templates for each project selected.  This page also allows creating different templates for the selected sub projects.  The Project Score Settings page in the PRC Schedule Checker can be viewed only by those users who have either Read/Write or View access. Users with only Read/Write access can create new score setting templates, edit templates and delete score templates.

score settings

Figure 1

Save Score Settings:

This functionality allows user to create new score setting template for the selected project or sub project.


  1. Score Register –> Score Settings
  2. Click on SAVE SCORE SETTINGS button to add new template.  (Figure 1) A popup appears.  (Figure 2)
  3. Give name for the new template and click SAVE.  (Figure 2)

project score settings save

Figure 2

Edit Score Settings:

This functionality is to modify the selected project score template.  While clicking the EDIT button, the fields under Grading Scale section such as Number of Groups, Lower Value, Upper Value, Color Picker and the fields und Score Definitions section such as Maximum percentage of Score, Percentage deducted per unit will be unlocked.


  1. Score Register –> Score Settings
  2. Select the required score template from the drop down.  (Figure 1)
  3. Click the EDIT button.  (Figure 1) Input the changes and click SAVE SCORE button.  (Figure 2)

score settings edit

Figure 3

The color for each grade under the grading scale is set by clicking on the color picker corresponding to each field.  An example of the color picker is displayed in Figure 4

color picker

Figure 4

Delete Score Setting:

This functionality is used to delete the selected project score template.


  1. Score Register –> Score Settings
  2. Selecte the required score template from the drop down.  (Figure 1)
  3. Click DELETE SCORE button to delete the selected template.  (Figure 1)
  4. Click OK in the popup appears to delete or click CANCEL.  (Figure 5)

delete score template

 Figure 5