Score Register

The Project Score Register page allows user to evaluate the project scores based on the score definitions in the score template selected.  The project scores include scores of the selected projects or the sub projects.  Each project score is represented in percentage value which is the totlal category deductions percentage.  The Project Score Register page in the PRC Schedule Checker can be viewed only by those users who have either Read/Write or View access.

score register

 Figure 1

Evaluate Project Scores:

 This functionality is used to generate the project scores based on the selected project or sub project and the selected score template.


  1. Score Register –> Score Register
  2. Select the required score template from the Select Score Template drop down.  (Figure 1)
  3. Click the EVALUATE BUSINESS SCORES button to generate the project scores.  (Figure 2)

score register evaluate

Figure 2

14 Point Check List:

This functionality shows the constraints list related to the score calculation of the selected project or sub project. The user can also view the number of tasks related to each constarint.  The detailed description of each task and the related constraint in the score calculation is also shown the the 14 Point Check List Page.

forteen point check list

Figure 3

Export to PDF:

This functionality allows user to export the check list and the task details to a PDF file.

Go to Score Register:

This functionality navigates user to the Score Register Page.