PRC Consulting Services

PRC specializes in risk analysis, audit, and training.  We have cross-industry experience in fields such as Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, and Engineering & Construction.  We believe that over-complicating the risk process often leads to wasted effort and poor results.  Our goal is to “make it simple.” 

Do you trust your data?

Broken data and processes cause unreliable and misleading project reports, forcing management to rely on inaccurate data or dismiss it altogether. PRC can get to the root of problems or issues by auditing processes, project plans and data inputs necessary to achieve dependable reports.

Is your plan or answer being reverse-engineered?

Large projects and complex risk plans often have an overwhelming volume of data, which can lead to a “reverse-engineered” approach to problem solving. In this scenario the answer drives the data, which leads to inaccurate management decisions and endangers the project.

Are your contractor’s projections realistic?

Contractor reports frequently sweeten the data, misleading management into believing a project has a high probability of financial success and/or ability to meet deadlines. Accurate information leads to realistic planning and ultimately to successful projects.

PRC consulting services include:

  • Facilitation of risk workshops.
  • Cost & schedule risk analysis (Monte Carlo analysis).
  • Managing risk register data.
  • Cost-benefit analysis of mitigation.
  • Portfolio risk analysis.
  • Risk management work-flow and procedure setup.
  • Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) training.

PRC audit services include:

  • Project Schedule audit.
  • Risk Register audit.
  • Schedule Risk Analysis (Monte Carlo) audit.
  • Risk Processes and procedures review.
  • Risk reports and mitigation plans validation.