Oracle | Primavera Risk: Pertmaster Tools Menu

The Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) tools menu contains system options that are important for standalone and server setups.

Video Walkthrough of the Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Tools Menu (Duration: 2 min: 43 sec)

File Menu Item: Customize…

The customize option allows the risk analyst to edit the toolbars, setup hot keys, change the menu styles, and toggle on-screen tips.

File Menu Item: Show Custom Data…

This section will allow Pertmaster users to view the coding and flag settings for various screens and reports, such as weather modeling, histogram, or probabilistic cash flow.  Most users will probably edit these settings via the graphical on-screen interfaces, however the raw data and settings can be seen here.

File Menu Item: System Options…

The system options has a few critical settings for both the risk analyst and for an IT department looking at server setups.  A training module will be dedicated to an in-depth look at the system options.  There are two very important options in this section.

The first critical option is for the risk analyst or scheduler to toggle on and off the live scheduling.  On large files it will recalculate too frequently and cause delays if live scheduling, recalculating the CPM schedule network live, is left on.  Users can change this option so that it will reschedule the CPM schedule network only upon pushing the F9 button on the keyboard.  The user can make 10 changes, then hit F9 to calculate the entire network based on all changes.  This F9 scheduling option is in-line with Primavera P6 scheduling.  Microsoft Project users will be familiar with live scheduling.  Turning the F9 to schedule option on is usually desirable for large project plans.

The second critical option allows the Pertmaster user or the IT department map where the user’s folder and the shared folders will be.  The user folder can be mapped to the PC or to a server.  The shared folder is usually mapped to a shared server location so that filters, templates, and plans can be accessed by multiple users.