Oracle | Primavera Risk: Pertmaster Timescale

The Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Timescale at the top of the Gantt chart can be manipulated by hovering the cursor over various sections of the timescale or by editing the timescale options in a pop-up.

Video Walkthrough of the Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Timescale (Duration: 4 min: 15 sec)

Moving the Scale Left and Right

The Primavera Risk timescale is a red bar a the top of the Gantt chart.  The timescale has 2 rows.  The first row has blue text by default and will always list the year.  Hovering over the first row with the cursor will change the cursor to a double arrow with a hand symbol.  Clicking and dragging on the menu bar with this icon showing will allow the project manager to move the entire Gantt charts comments to the left or right.  This option is can help bring the desired activities into view.

Zooming In and Out

The second row of the timescale has white text or is sometimes blank.  The increment is smaller on the second line.  If the first lines shows the year, then the second line may show the month, etc.  Hovering over the second row with the cursor will display a double arrow icon with a + and – sign above it.  Clicking and dragging right, toward the + symbol on the cursor, will allow users to zoom into the Gantt chart.  Clicking and dragging left will decrease the size of the tasks displayed on the Gantt chart.

Format Timescales Pop-up

The timescale menu can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the timescale and clicking Format Timescales…   The timescales pop-up menu has 4 tabs as listed below.

  • Display Tab – allows a planner to change the what unit and information format is shown.
  • Format Tab – allows users to change the color or text font of the timescale.
  • Lines Tab – different vertical line formats can be added to the Gantt chart based on a time unit.
  • Data Date – sets the style of the vertical line to represent the data date on the Gantt chart.

Synchronize Timescales

This option can be found by right-clicking the timescale or under the view menu.  When risk analysts are using more than one view in a sheet, such as a resources sheet and Gantt chart or multiple Gantt charts, they are able to click the synchronize timescale button to allign the secondary view with the active view.  The timescales will not be synchronized by default.  Once the timescales are synchronized, editing one scale will change the active and secondary timescale.

Scale Unit (Days, Weeks, Months, Years)

Right-clicking on the time scale will allow the user to quickly set the timescale unit without entering a pop-up menu.  The active unit will have a check mark next to it.