Oracle | Primavera Risk: Pertmaster Resource Quick Risk

The fourth step of a typical Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Monte Carlo analysis is to load uncertainty or productivity ranges on the network activities.  The previous examples have outlined loading uncertainty on duration.  This training module will discuss loading uncertainty on resources for both schedule and cost estimate Monte Carlo analyses.

Video Walkthrough of Manually Loading Risk Ranges in Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) (Duration: 3 min: 34 sec)

Overview of Resource and Cost Uncertainty in Primavera Risk

  • Uncertainty can be applied to the unit amount in the resource quick risk (Risk menu) or manually.
  • Uncertainty can be applied to the cost per unit in the resource setup via the menu path Plan | Resources.

 Manually Loading Resource Uncertainty

  • Select an activity on the Gantt chart view that is loaded with resources.
  • Click the Risk and Uncertainty tab in the navigation pane.
  • A sub-tab will appear for Resource Uncertainty.
  • Check the box “On” for any resource with uncertainty.
  • Click the resource to add uncertainty to.
  • Select  the distribution type from drop-down box.
  • Input the minimum, most likely, and maximum units.

Resource Quick Risk Steps

  • Follow the menu path Risk | Resource Quick Risk
  • Select the option for All tasks in the plan, All filtered tasks, or Selected tasks only.
  • Select the desired resource from the drop-down box or select the option for all assigned resources.
  • Select distribution (Triangle, Beta Pert, etc).
  • Set the minimum, most likely, and maximum percentage values.
  • Click “OK” to apply.

Adding Cost Uncertainty Steps

  • Open the resources interface via the menu path Plan | Resources.
  • Change the Cost Uncertainty drop-down column to “Distribution.”
  • Select the distribution shape, minimum, most likely, and maximum cost in the bottom-right pane.
  • Resources will be saved upon saving the Pertmaster .plan file.