Oracle | Primavera Risk: Pertmaster Adding and Removing Columns

A project manager can add and remove columns from the active view in Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster).

Video Walkthrough of the Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Timescale (Duration: 3 min: 20 sec)

Adding and Removing Columns

The screen to add, remove, and edit columns can be found opened by double-clicking on any column header or by clicking “Columns…” under the format menu.  Upon opening the columns interface there is a box to the left side and the right side.  Both boxes have two tabs.  The box on the left side allows users to browse all columns that are available in the product.  Any column can be added to the Gantt chart view.  The tabs on the left side will allow users to browse the fields by category and the second tab will allow users to search for the fields based on alphabetic order instead of the field category.  The right side window allows users to see all fields that have been added to the current view.  Pertmaster has two sets of columns, on the left and the right side of the Gantt chart.  There is a corresponding tab for the left and right columns.

Between the left and right windows displaying the columns are four buttons.  The arrow pointing right will allows risk analysts to move items from the field list to the active view.  The left arrow will removes a field from the active view.  The buttons labeled “up” and “down” will allow users to sort the order of the fields added in the right side window.  The user will select a field name and then click the up and down buttons to change the order.  The order of the fields top to bottom with correspond with the column view from left to right.

The bottom of the interface allows users to edit how the columns appear such as the column header names and text wrapping.  User-defined fields can also be created.  A separate module will focus on creating user-defined fields in Primavera Risk.