Oracle | Primavera Risk: Pertmaster Add, Remove, Link Activities

There are three main methods to add or remove links in Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster).

Video Walkthrough of Oracle | Primavera Risk (Pertmaster) Activity Linking (Duration: 4 min: 51 sec)

Highlight Activities and Right-click

Activities can be linked by selecting multiply rows of activities and right-clicking on the selected area and selecting Link Tasks… (CTRL+L) or Unlink Tasks (CTRL+U).  Schedulers can select different type of logic such as finish-start or start-links.  The lag can be set in this menu as well.  The tasks will be linked from top to bottom based on the sort order.  If activity 2 is directly above activity 1, then a link would be placed, regardless of logic type, using activity 2 as the predecessor and activity 1 as the successor.  Clicking undo (edit menu) would remove all links created in a single click.

Drag Links in Gantt Chart

Planners can use the interactive nature of the Gantt chart to link activities.  The cursor can be placed directly before the start or after the finish of a predecessor activity.  The cursor will change to an S (start) or F (finish).  The user is able to left-click and drag the link from one activity start or finish to another.

Links Menu in the Navigation Pane

The navigation pane allows an analyst to add, remove, or edit links.  Clicking a cell under the  ID column will highlight a button with 3 dots […].  Clicking the button will launch a search-able interface to locate the desired activity to link with.  The link type (finish-start, start-start, etc) and lag durations can be set in the columns after the activity has been set.  Clicking delete on the keyboard or the delete button located between the predecessor and successor link window will allow users to remove a link.  The “Goto” button will allow a scheduler to trace the logic by jumping directly to a selected predecessor or successor task.