Major Airport Project


One of the world’s most populous airports was seeking help to manage ongoing projects that were not previously communicating with each other. The airport was managing all of their projects through Microsoft Excel, and wanted to find a system that worked more collaboratively, as interdepencies between the projects were causing a ripple effect that was costing the programs money, though how much was unknown. The airport determined that a project management system needed to be implemented, and mandated that all data must be integrated in real time within one month.


PRC’s Risk Register was implemented into the airports system via the cloud on the same day it was ordered, and a group of contributors to the risk management process engaged in a training course on the same day. The training went through the step-by-step setup that allowed for the contributors to register the needs of a project, imported the data into the system, managed the data, and produced a report. Within 48 hours of the PRC Risk Register being ordered, thirteen of the airport’s largest projects were uploaded and producing programme level reports.

PRC Software was not just able to producing the necessary risk management reporting for each of the projects, but it also was paired with training that ensured all relevant users were sufficiently prepared for this undertaking within one week.


The project that was mandated for one month was finished in a week, with the visibility of risks across the program allowing for strategic decisions and real-time reporting for the remainder of the programme. The Project Management Organization’s risk management head stated, “PRC Risk Register is our standard collaborative risk management software in the Middle East market. It provides complete functionality and helps us to remain cost competitive while providing enhanced RM (risk management) services. No other RM software package has been able to come close to achieving those combined objectives for us.”