Government Infrastructure

How PRC Software serves the Government Infrastructure industry

Government and Infrastructure projects are one of the most regulated industries for project controls.  Controlling the use of federal tax dollars is important for the success of the projects and programs but also the tax payers deserve efficient use of this money.  A failed audit can have an incredible impact on the execution of a project.  PRC’s audit reports in both the software and from audit services ensure that there are no surprises if an audit is required.  This will eliminate the confusing and often open-ended language in many government reporting standards around the world.

Our consultative approach to training will also ensure that the procedures, outputs, and training can be done efficiently and effectively in parallel.  Our software can also be configured to use methodologies and terminology from the largest and most respected project management organizations in the world such as PMI, APM, and AACEi.

PRC Software helps Government and Infrastructure projects:

  • Control federal tax dollars with streamlined approaches
  • Meet confusing or open-ended reporting standards
  • Ensure there are no surprises in an audit with audit reports
  • Have fit for purpose configurations based on size of project and best practices
  • Start fast with consultative implementation and training