How PRC Software serves the Energy industry

PRC Software services Energy projects across the globe for cost, schedule, risk, and project controls consulting across the world.  The scalability of our software allows organizations to deliver some of the largest projects in the world at the project level and still roll-up data for incredible business reporting at the enterprise level.  The roll-based security features allow the project owner, contractors, and consultants to work in the same database seamlessly with no worries.  The hosting locations can service projects being run anywhere worldwide to minimize loss of time due to slow performance and latency.

PRC Software’s consulting services have been used worldwide for:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas (Exploration)
  • Downstream Oil & Gas (Refining and Chemicals)
  • Pipeline Services
  • Utilities (Power Plants, etc.)
  • Nuclear

The software capabilities streamline processes for the industry based on:

  • Scalability
  • Role based security
  • Hosting locations world-wide
  • Standardization for the organization while providing flexibility for the project
  • Software tool completely configurable “out of the box”