How PRC Software serves the Construction industry

The Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) sector requires great flexibility for both software and consulting services.  The complexity of a construction or engineering firm’s needs is compounded by the number of clients that all may have wildly different needs.  The internal needs of the organization often get ignored as the client’s needs are constantly met.  Our software and services provide the framework and flexibility to meet each client’s needs without rewriting every procedure each time.  The internal standardization will naturally get met to get return on investment from time spent reducing internal obstacles and risks.

Training budgets are often very tight as the margins can sometimes be very thin and react heavily to market conditions.  PRC Software’s software products come with free online training to ensure that software implementations are successful and the loss of key employees will be overcome.  Lessons learned often leave with the loss of key employees as well.  The PRC Risk Register functions as a powerful lessons learned database so the critical project closeout documentation can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Key benefits to the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction market include:

  • Client templates to serve wide needs of different clients
  • Internal standardization to streamline internal reporting
  • Project, Business Unit, andEnterprise Reporting
  • Searchable lessons learned database
  • Free online training