Access Management

The Access Management page is used to set the accesses for the pages in the application.  There are three main accesses: Read/Write, View Only and No Access.  To modify the data of a particular page the user must be assigned Read/Write access for that page.  View Only access to view the page and if the user need not get access to a particular page No Access should be assigned.  The Access Management page is visible only to the user who has Read/Write access.



Figure 1


The various roles available can be viewed by selecting them from the Select a Role dropdown.  (Figure 1)

The user cannot change the access of the Edit My Profile page.  The access for the page will always be Read/Write.

Add A New Role:

This functionality is used to add a new role and assign the various access privileges accordingly.


  1. Administration —> Access Management
  2. Check the corresponding checkbox for access.  (Figure 1)
  3. Click  the SAVE AS NEW ROLE button.  (Figure 1)  A pop up appears.  (Figure 2)
  4. Enter the name in the textbox.  (Figure 2)
  5. Click the SAVE button to save.  To cancel, click the CANCEL button.  (Figure 2)



Figure 2

Delete A Role:

This functionality is used to delete a role.


  1. Administration —> Access Management
  2. Select the Role to be deleted.
  3. Click  the DELETE ROLE button.  (Figure 3)  A pop up appears.  (Figure 4)
  4. Click the OK button to delete a role.  To cancel, click the Cancel button.


select role
Figure 3


Figure 4